Does an expensive oven make you a good cook?

Always remember it’s the talent of the person using the tools that create beautiful work, not the tool itself.

We put an obsessive amount of research into making sure we have the best gear. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the equipment and forget about the actual content. We don’t get caught up in the noise of what’s best, our objective is to use the best tools for the job with our focus on the finished product.

Pictured is Joe Arch, photographer for 40+ years and my Grandfather.
Erik, Old Tripod

Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k

Super 35 digital cinema camera capable of shooting 4.6k resolution in raw with framerates as high as 120 fps. The image quality is simply stunning.

Sony A6500

4k detail at it’s finest. This mirrorless camera shook the video production world with it’s capabilities and is the cause for a major shift away from the almighty Canon. Stunning video quality that down-samples 6k to 4k.

Canon 5D mark iii

One of the most popular full-frame cameras on the market that started the DSLR video craze. We use this for b-roll video footage and our primary still camera.

96 CRI Lighting

High CRI (color render index) LED lights. These produce beautiful, true-to-color lighting. We use Dracast, Westcott and Came TV lighting. We use the highest quality lighting with the highest standards in CRI currently available.


Our audio equipment is known as the “Industry Standard”. Chances are, you’ve heard audio created with this gear in major movies and network television. You never notice good audio but you always notice bad audio. We have this covered. This is just a preview of our audio equipment.

CAME-Single 3 Axis Gimbal

This little device rocks! We call it the hand-held drone because of it’s very smooth and fluid camera movement.

Atomos Ninja Flame 4k Recorder / Monitor

Monitor and 4k recorder that processes 10 bit 4k footage and allows for HDR recording. This thing is simply amazing.

Rhino Slider, Arc & Motion

Who doesn’t love that smooth sliding camera motion? This butter-smooth slider gives that cool parallax effect and timelapses with motion. Checkout this sample footage:

DJI Mavic Pro with 4k

The latest & greatest from DJI, released November 2016. Not your typical drone. This has the ability to track subjects and program flight patterns for a dialed shot without the guesswork and tack-sharp imagery that will blow you away.

But wait! There’s more!

Above we listed a few of our main pieces of gear that we use on a daily basis.
For certain gigs, it’s best that we rent gear as we need it which keeps us from
having to lug gear all over the country and keeps our workflow efficient.

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